New Ad Format! Push Notifications: What Are

They and How Do They Work

We are glad to present to you a completely new format of advertisement as Push-notifications.

So far, Push-notifications are exactly that advertising tool with the help of which you will immediately reache your targets.

That is the reason why MegaPush has developed a system,that fully meets the requirements of the advertisers, that avoids third-party methods in the form of intermediaries as banners or social networks.

We suggest you to familiarize yourself with how do they look.

Push-notifications are short-form notifications with an icon on the browser or a mobile device of your client reminding about important events or updates.

You can see an example of how Push-notifications appear on your mobile devices below:

But how can you generate a revenue with the help of Push-notifications?

At first, it should be noted, that the Push-notifications are a completely new format in advertising, but even so, it circulates among uses with a lightning speed. Currently, the unique user numbers in MegaPush reaches up to 60 million.

1. Bot-free traffic with real users

Users consciously agree to receive push-notifications, which ensures that there will be absence of artificial increase in the number of users and a presence of a unique traffic.

Users will receive push-notifications in limited quantities, which ensures their non-prescriptive character. The above-mentioned factors are a guarantee of high-quality traffic and uniqueness of the audience for your campaigns.

2. Exclusive coverage of an audience and productivity

Push-notifications provide maximum visibility and very high Click-through rate (CTR's) compared to conventional ad formats, because they appear directly on the user's mobile device or in the browser. One of the most important features of using Push-notifications is that they are delivered to the user, even if they don't browse web pages or interact with your application.

3. Increases the opportunity to attract customers

Using notifications via web pages opens up an untapped potential for attracting customers. Due to the new format of ads, you will have an access to the global market, which gives an excellent opportunity to find customers all around the world.

MegaPush is exactly that platform that allows advertisers to use both network and mobile push-notifications that allows you to adjust target on each device.

4. Audience full coverage and high rention

In this context, push-notifications is the new format for your own ads that takes into account the interests of users. With push-notifications you will really interest your users because your ads will be targeted to their preferences.

Push notifications are also a great way to remind existing customers about your product or services.

5. Unique settings and instant delivery

More than a million messages can be sent almost instantly to audiences around the world. Delivery speed is supplemented by advanced settings: you can choose when your user will see the message, and add visual effects and emoticons.

What's the difference between internet-notifications and push-notifications in the application?

Despite the fact that they look almost identical, their mechanisms work completely different.

Notifications about clicking an application are sent directly from the application, which paves the way for the advertiser to have the application. But what if you don't have an application?

That's when the network notifications enter the network. You can send notifications over the network using MegaPush services, even if you don't have an application.

If you have your own application, you can manage additional settings in the application using Push Notification Ads!

What can you promote with Push notifications?

Push-notifications are a universal ad format that works with any type of products, services and CPA offers. They open up major opportunities for content promotion, as well as for promotion of advertisements, updating a website or brand awareness campaign.

Find some content ideas for your push-notifications below:

  • Special offers and promo actions,
  • News and contents updates,
  • Notifications based on Geolocation,
  • E-commerce updates: sales and discounts,
  • Download files: e-books, checklists, templates,
  • Shares of mobile applications for installs increase,
  • Free games i.e. lotteries, etc.

As far as you have noticed, push-notifications are a great way to connect with your customers directly. This ad format adds a great variety in attracting new customers, and this is important for the long-term growth and development of your business

You can learn how to create push-notifications campaign using our platform below

A new format for CPM campaigns is already available on our platform.

Just click the "Create Campaign" button and select the CPM pricing model, then select the "Push Notifications" ad format as shown in the screenshot below..

For starting a campaign, you need to create and upload a JPG, PNG or GIF image. The advertisement can contain title and description.

Join the MegaPush advertising network, launch your advertising campaign, and achieve success iin a matter of minutes!